New generation of online planning – Palette@HOME.

Ideal for quick, initial, yet impressive designs. Because this innovative technology is so easy to use, you can even let your customers plan themselves. Our online planner is designed for integration with your website. If you decide to purchase the product, an integrated e-mail delivery system ensures that the plan, and, more importantly, the contact information, ends up directly in your inbox, marketing done right!


Palette@Home plans can be imported directly into Palette CAD (version 8.1 and onwards), where they can be further edited, processed and presented. What better way to find out more about Pallete@Home, then to try it out for yourselves. Just select one of our industry solutions below, and test the possibilities!

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Online Planer

Plan live on the Internet, just like a game

Design rooms in two minutes

Our internet planner is ideal for designing and furnishing rooms of all kinds. Suppose you wanted to design your dream room from scratch, see how a new piece of furniture would fit, or plan for a new fireplace? With Palette@Home it is very simple. The planning process is broken down into logical, progressive steps using our tabs navigation menu at the top. If that is still not easy enough, there is even a step by step support as standard for first time users. First set the room dimensions and insert windows and doors. Inserting objects into your room is equally simple. Just select the desired one and drag and drop it where you want it. Same system is also used for applying or changing the materials in the 3D view. All that’s left to do now is choose from one of our planners below and try it yourself!

Bad Planer

Online planner – Bathroom design

First step towards a dream bathroom

When it comes to designing a perfect bathroom everyone has their own ideas. However, when it comes down to it, most customers struggle to present their visions clearly. How much easier would it be if dimensioning and general layout are already done, before they ever step foot in your showroom? Well, using the bathroom planner from Palette CAD your customers can create their own designs in a matter of minutes, and all that from the comfort of their sofa. After setting the dimensions, inserting windows and doors, the user is presented with enough bathroom furnishings and accessories to visualise their desires. At the end your potential customer submits their detailed wishes and it is delivered directly to your inbox, including the all-important contact information. It’s never been so easy to connect with your customers.

Wohnen Planer

Online planner – Interior design

Where ideas come to life

Are your customers considering renovating their home, wondering how the new furniture would fit to their ambience? With our internet planner you can give them a chance to design with ease, trying out a range of product selections. They can then walk through their newly designed room stirring immediate emotional connections. Shelving, cabinets, wardrobes, dining groups, sofas, tables, chairs and kitchen units to name just a few options available. Add to that a range of accessories, floor, wall and ceiling material options to complete any living interior. When their visions are complete you get their detailed request delivered directly to your inbox.

Ofen Planer

Online planner – Fireplaces

Create the perfect relaxation atmosphere

How can you help your clients choose a new fireplace or a tiled stove? Don’t forget that it should also match the existing style, and be suitable for the available space. We made it possible with Palette@Home. Our planner includes a specialist object library, giving your potential customers a chance to plan and visualise a range of fireplaces and tiled stoves, making a house a home. Having Palette@Home implemented into your website means providing an exceptional service for your clients. In return you will receive their detailed burning needs per email, giving you a chance to react accordigly.

Are you interested in our online planner or simply wish to find out more about Pallete@Home?

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