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Palette CAD: Mul­ti-pur­po­se 3D de­sign soft­ware

Palette CAD is the 3D de­sign soft­ware tail­o­red for fur­ni­tu­re con­s­truc­tion and in­te­ri­ors. Our soft­ware pro­vi­des di­gi­tal sup­port th­roug­hout the en­ti­re pro­cess, from de­sign to work pre­pa­ra­ti­on and pro­duc­tion.

Re­quest your per­so­na­li­sed Palette CAD live de­mo wi­th just a few clicks. Gain in­sights in­to the most im­portant func­tion­a­li­ties that can sim­pli­fy and ex­pe­di­te your work­flow, whe­ther you are a car­pen­ter, joi­ner, bath­room plan­ner, fur­ni­tu­re ma­nu­fac­tu­rer, or in­te­ri­or de­si­gner. Ex­pe­ri­ence a live de­mons­tra­ti­on of Palette CAD wi­thin 30 mi­nu­tes from the com­fort of your of­fice or home, and feel free to ask your ques­ti­ons di­rect­ly.


Our Palette CAD live de­mo in­cludes:

  • A con­cise in­tro­duc­tion to Palette CAD Soft­ware
  • An over­view of the key func­tions and fea­tures
  • Ex­amp­les re­le­vant to your dai­ly work pro­jects 
  • Most im­portant­ly, the op­por­tu­ni­ty for you to ask any ques­ti­ons you may have at any time.


Be­ne­fits of using Palette CAD for your busi­ness:

  • Uti­li­sing a 3D CAD Soft­ware for plan­ning, pre­sen­ta­ti­on, and pro­duc­tion
  • Ge­ne­ra­ting parts lists, cut­ting plans, and ex­port dra­wings wi­th a click
  • Mi­ni­mi­sing ma­nu­fac­tu­ring cos­ts and er­ror ra­tes
  • De­cre­asing ef­fort re­qui­red for pre­pa­ring of­fers and work pre­pa­ra­ti­on
  • Fa­ci­li­ta­ting ea­sy sha­ring of plans wi­th others
  • Ac­ces­sing a wi­de ran­ge of ex­ten­si­ve ob­jects and ma­nu­fac­tu­r­er­s' ca­ta­logs.
Produktabbildung Softwarepaket Palette CAD

With Palette CAD, the design process is quick and easy. Each interim planning status can be examined in photorealistic form with just a click of a button.

Michael Ehle

Master carpenter, Ehle carpentry

I usually plan a bathroom in Palette CAD in less than two hours. I then have the rest of the day for my actual craft on the construction site.

Johannes Münkel

Master tiler

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