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Palette Rooms – The Intuitive Quick-Planner

Palette CAD has unveiled Palette Rooms, a new software extension that simplifies the leap into 3D planning for HVAC and interior design. This tool combines easy-to-use features with powerful 3D planning, making both planning and selling faster than ever. The quick planner not only speeds up the planning process but also the sales cycle.

Palette Rooms is a comprehensive 3D multi-room planner that’s intuitive enough for immediate use with minimal training. Being an online application, it works independently of your IT setup, allowing for immediate planning. With real-time rendering, you can quickly visualise the ideal room, which is especially useful for those focusing on client consultation over technical planning.

"Some users find our Palette CAD software a bit too complex for their needs," says Frank Kobs, Executive Director of Development and Support at Palette CAD AG. "Palette Rooms offers a straightforward alternative, making it easy to create plans during client meetings using original manufacturer data. These plans can then be seamlessly integrated into Palette CAD for further processing." Right from the start, Palette Rooms uses the extensive database of objects and materials from Palette CAD, ensuring accurate and professional planning. The initial sketches from client meetings form a solid foundation for detailed planning and execution.

Palette Rooms works quickly and easily, much like a digital sketchpad, allowing for on-the-fly planning and adjustments during client consultations. This direct involvement in the design process helps engage clients, facilitates decision-making, and prevents misunderstandings from the beginning.

Seamless connection

As an extension of Palette CAD, designs from Palette Rooms can be further refined in Palette CAD without any compatibility issues. This includes creating detailed exposés, high-end photorealistic visualisations, and collaborating with colleagues or trade partners.

With Palette Rooms, Palette CAD AG continues to focus on user-friendly product development, balancing technical innovation with a keen eye on user needs.

To learn more about Palette Rooms and its benefits, including how to use the quick planner, click here.

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