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Passing the baton - Palette CAD is heading into the next chapter of the company development with the conversion from a GmbH (limited liability company) to an AG (public limited company)
Passing the baton - Palette CAD is heading into the next chapter of the company development with the conversion from a GmbH (limited liability company) to an AG (public limited company) © Palette CAD

Conversion to Palette CAD AG - Paving the way for the future

As a specialist for digitalisation in the skilled trades, Palette CAD is heading into the next chapter of the company development with the conversion from a GmbH (limited liability company) to an AG (public limited company). With effect from 25.07.2022, the Stuttgart-based family business became Palette CAD AG after more than 27 years of existence. Founder and owner Dr.-Ing. Walter Zinser hands over the reins to the four board members Dirk Böckstiegel, Elvis Grabic, Frank Kobs and Volker Zeller upon his retirement.

"Our success and our growth in the market show us that today more than ever we are the trend-setting digitalisation partner for the skilled crafts sector. Now we are joining forces for the next step towards the future of this sector," says Walter Zinser, explaining the conversion to a public limited company. "Our recipe for success has always been our autonomy and independence in our work. This pillar and the family values of Palette CAD will therefore remain." Today, Dr. Zinser is the sole shareholder of Palette CAD AG and thus remains the company owner. Together with his daughters Margarete Zinser and Dr. Caroline Zinser, they constitute the Supervisory Board. "From now on, the future of the company will be shaped by a proven team of four. Chairman Volker Zeller will be in charge of organisation and finances, Frank Kobs of development and support, Dirk Böckstiegel of business development and export, and Elvis Grabic of sales and marketing," says Dr. Zinser, introducing the new company top management.

All four members of the Board of Directors can look back on many years in management positions at Palette CAD and have already played a significant role in shaping the company's development in the past. For the joint management of Palette CAD AG, they have ambitious plans for the coming years: "We are increasingly focusing on cooperation with wholesalers and the industry in order to  penetrate new markets and, in particular, to drive forward our internationalisation," says Dirk Böckstiegel, describing the direction of business development. "We are sustainably strengthening our Europe-wide growth and will achieve this goal organically as Palette CAD AG and manage it centrally."

With its origins in the tiled stove and fireplace industry, Palette CAD is now an established player in all segments of furniture and interior design. From carpentry to bathroom planning and tiling to interior design and furnishing, over 16,000 companies from 54 countries now rely on the 3D software from Stuttgart.

As Director of Sales and Marketing, Elvis Grabic's focus is on the market position in these very industry segments: "As an innovation leader, we maintain our market position in many areas of the skilled trades; in other segments, we want to successfully expand our brand. Our claim has always been - and will be even stronger in the future - to offer the best product for the needs of our users. In view of the increasing shortage of skilled workers in the skilled crafts sector, efficient, digital processes are therefore always at the forefront of our solutions."

Over the past few years, the company's solutions have gradually become more comprehensive with the Palette Showroom presentation software, the Palette CAM software and the Palette Home online configurator.

As the board member responsible for development and support, Frank Kobs believes that the continuous development of the product portfolio is crucial to guaranteeing end-to-end digital work processes in the skilled trades: "In the future, data fluidity will continue to gain importance in the market. Therefore, partnerships in the industry are even more important for us to achieve this and the associated smooth interfaces to ERP systems and other industry software. The Palette Cloud will also become more central in this context and increasingly simplify all areas of digital planning and collaboration."

The aspirations for both the technological and economic further development of Palette CAD AG place increased demands on human resources management and corporate organisation, which are the focus of Chairman of the Board Volker Zeller: "For me, maintaining our management style and our corporate mission statement are of central importance. Our employees and their personal development, enjoyment and motivation at work have top priority. Of course, this also applies to the future workforce of Palette CAD AG, because we are still looking for enthusiastic and talented people in many areas who want to work with us to take digitalisation in the skilled trades to a new level," says Volker Zeller, describing the future course of Palette CAD AG's personnel development.

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