Further questions? Please find below some initial answers regarding our CAD design software.

How long does initial training on Palette CAD take?

  • Operating Palette CAD is intuitive and is fundamentally based on familiar Microsoft Office solutions.
  • Anyone who is familiar with Windows can often get going after only a few hours of practice.

How long will I need for one design?

This depends on the job and the complexity of the design. Here are a few guideline figures:

  • You can create a simple bathroom interior design in half an hour.
  • You will generally need around 1-2 hours for a stove project with 3D views, parts list and construction dimensions.
  • A simple kitchen design including furniture can be done in 20 minutes.
  • 1-3 hours should suffice for the design of a made-to-measure wall unit with a 3D view and preparatory work for NC manufacturing.

Which operating systems are supported?

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (32 and 64-bit).
  • Apple: Palette CAD does not have a dedicated version for Mac. However, we have customers that use Palette CAD with Mac OS X sucessfully when operated with the Parallels software. With version 8 of Palette CAD and onwards software Boot Camp can aslo be used.
  • Linux: Unfortunately, Palette CAD does not run on Linux. However, it is no problem if the Windows computers on which Palette CAD is running are networked via a Linux network. 

Is Palette CAD network-compatible?

  • Palette CAD can be used in a network.
  • The Palette CAD program itself always runs on your local computer.
  • Catalogues and designs can be stored on the network.
  • There is a dongle for networks (i.e. the dongle sits on the server and enables a given number of users).

Can Palette CAD be operated via a terminal server?

  • Palette CAD can also be "remotely operated" online via the Windows terminal server or Citrix Presentation server, for example.
  • Caution: Hardware acceleration for the graphics card is not available on all terminal servers.

How do I obtain inexpensive updates?

  • Regular updates for programs and catalogues are included in the service partnership.
  • Membership of the service partnership is optional.