Good CAD design software adapts to your needs – and not vice-versa. 

You can expand your Palette CAD design software simply and usefully not only with additional catalogues, but also with our product add-ons. Have it the way you'd like it. And precisely the way you need it for your daily work. You can use the following modules to even better adapt Palette CAD to the specific requirements in your specific field:

  • 2D Design: Create 2D views for drafts, templates, blueprints and NC processing in Palette CAD.
  • Editor: Create your own intelligent objects for your object catalogues with our Editor.
  • 3D Export: A feature that allows your Palette CAD designed scenery and objects to be exported to other rendering programs.
  • Palette PLAY: Take your customer on a virtual tour through the design and present the details. Palette PLAY is a fantastic sales tool that can be easily integrated into your own website.

You decide what is important for you. We would be pleased to advise you on product add-ons for our CAD design software.