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Our 3D Design Software - Simply more intuitive. Simply faster. Simply more powerful.

Palette CAD is designed to make everything easier so that you can concentrate on one thing and one thing only: your job. More specifically, it comes packed with incredible features and an intuitive ease of use that let you focus on what you want instead of on figuring out how to do it.

A revolutionary interface design, innovative user guidance, a wealth of improved and new features, and the knowledge that your customers and prospective buyers will spend days on end wondering how you achieved such stunning results. Check it out for yourself. Request a personalized quote now!

Simply more intuitive:



Drag & drop

In Palette CAD you can simply drag and drop objects and materials into your project: now that’s really as easy and quick as it gets!

Find and run commands immediately

Finally, an interface that makes perfect sense. Every command you need will be exactly where you would have put it yourself. Simply look, click, and continue designing. And to make things even easier, we have added menu bars that are always open and provide direct access to all commands.

Camera with adjustable focus point

Now you can also move the camera around a defined point; giving more focus to your sales pitch.

Simply faster:



Self-explanatory user interface

The menu bars’ icons and layout are based on the office suite menu bars that you are already used to, making much of the user interface completely intuitive from the get-go. In addition, we have added tooltips so that you can move your mouse over an icon to get a short description of the corresponding command if necessary.

Save time with the new menu layout 

Almost all functions, object catalogues, and material catalogues are now found directly on the main screen, which saves quite a bit of time. 

Simply more powerful:



Full 3D functionality

You can now design and plan projects, down to the tiniest detail, in Palette CAD’s 3D view.

NC connection

With Palette CAD you can transfer exact project data to a machine and simply start the production knowing that you are fully in control of every single step.

Perfect images

Smooth animated transitions between views. Zooming in new dimensions. Life-like photorealistic images at the push of a button. Customized images. Animations.


Object controller—A convenient remote control for objects

Control objects easily and conveniently by using the menu that opens automatically with an object (for instance, you can animate windows and doors in real-time in your plan).

Free access to the world of 3D image catalogues

Relevant formats can be imported as 3D files into Palette CAD using professional import interfaces, e.g., for tiles, for Blum’s DYNAPLAN, and even for laser measurement systems.


Now with a construction view

The new construction view makes it even easier to build items—especially for cabinet makers.

Tile ribbon

A separate ribbon with all the functions and features that tile setters need.

Rotation points that can be moved with your mouse

Rotating in a plan has never been as easy.