Palette CAD: Introducing the company.

Palette CAD's headquarters are in Stuttgart. The company was founded in 1994 by engineer Dr. Walter Zinser and has specialised in CAD for superior interior design.  From the very start, Palette CAD experts developed a stand-alone, very simple-to-use CAD design program. It is now available in version 9.2 as it is constantly being adapted to the current trends and requirements of the sector.

Palette’s customers include contractors, industry, wholesalers and specialist retailers as well as designers. Today, more than 8,000 companies, with over 15,000 users, in 45 countries are working with the proven design program.  Palette CAD GmbH is your CAD specialist in Europe.

Verleihung CyberOne AwardHigh-tech prize for Palette CAD

Palette CAD GmbH was awarded second place for its successful business model in the category Growth/ International Expansion from Hightech-Award CyberOne. The cross-sector CAD software is already available in many countries and it is also a core component of the curriculum in many vocational educational institutions. Palette CAD, with its user-friendly software, has already achieved a 90 percent market share in single sectors in Germany.