An Experience in a Class of Its Own. Visit Virtual Reality Rooms. With Palette PLAY.

Palette PLAY is the key to providing customers with an unforgettable experience in which they get to go through a photorealistic scene and which you can use to showcase the details you want. Palette PLAY makes it easy to move through scenes with shortcuts and with its easy-to-use control tool.

Click on the bar or on the image to start Palette PLAY. Loading the scene will take a moment, but the wait will definitely be worth it!

Take your time to look at the room, get closer to the details you want, or explore the next room or the next floor.

Palette PLAY can be integrated into your own homepage, providing visitors to your site with a spectacular, compelling presentation.

Showcasing your designs is child’s play with Palette PLAY. A little practice is all it takes to master the corresponding navigation tools. Are you interested in providing your customers with this one-of-a-kind experience? Contact us! We will be more than glad to assist you.