Palette MOVE The presentation app for iPad, iPhone and Android devices!

Cutting edge technology from Palette CAD puts your room designs onto a smartphone or tablet as if by magic so they can be experienced first hand. What’s really special is that the image detail is not only movable via the touchscreen. When the tablet is swung around, the image detail shifts accordingly as well. Looking at the image becomes a tour filled with discoveries and viewers can decide for themselves how much time they would like to spend.

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The many high-resolution, photo-realistic details in Palette CAD, such as reflections and the structure of materials, are an invitation to take a closer look using the zoom function. The customer presentation becomes an experience for the designer and customer alike. This technology is packaged in the free Palette MOVE app and is available for download in the Apple Store and the Marketplace. For talks with customers in the office or when touring the new structure, there is no better tool for visualisation available on the market.