This CAD software says more than 1,000 words ever could.  Your customers will be inspired.

The first-rate presentation options Palette CAD software offers are truly diverse and the program's easy-to-learn functions make them very simple to implement. You can create a professional 3D design in record time with Palette CAD. 

As good as a photo ... - Hartmut Listberger, Austria
Atmospheric watercolour.
Wish to see it as a black-and-white drawing?
Artistic marker style.

As good as a photo ... - Hartmut Listberger, Austria.

Atmospheric watercolour.

Wish to see it as a black-and-white-drawing?

Artistic marker style.

Successful presentation. Order in the bag!

Help your customers to visualise their new room by showing them what you are designing for them with Palette CAD. On the screen, using a projector, in the office or on site: as a precise drawing, photorealistic image, atmospheric watercolour, film or artistic exposé. Take your clients on their first virtual tour around the newly designed room. You can place atmospheric lighting in the designed room as well as position light reflections on reflective surfaces. Play around with your customer's suggestions using patterns, surfaces, materials, perspectives and views - all at the click of a mouse button. 

Perfect images thanks to the innovative automatic motif  

Thanks to the innovative automatic motif and lighting mode (“ambient light”), it is possible for an unpractised user to create amazingly realistic images without complex settings. With only one click (“one-click renderer”), capture the newly designed room’s atmosphere using indirect lighting, backlit surfaces or even by playing with soft focus. Quick, impressive and as real as if you had used an automatic digital camera.

Experience rooms at the click of a mouse

Palette CAD contains enormous catalogues with realistic fixtures, furniture and decorative objects from all sectors.  By inserting these objects into your presentation, you can underscore the quality of your design and bring images to life, presenting rooms your customers can actually experience. This fulfils the key prerequisite for scoring points in your sales pitch. 

Take a look at our sample designs and see for yourself how persuasive Palette CAD presentations can be.  We would be pleased to send you our information pack.