Palette CAD software for carpenters and joiners makes furniture construction and interior fit-out work like clockwork.

As a carpenter or joiner, you often design a complete interior fit-out and build high-quality furniture.  And that’s where Palette CAD software can help you greatly. It includes products, materials, tools and catalogues that are specifically tailored to the design requirements of furniture construction and interior fit-out work, as well to the furnishing of properties and the construction of exhibition stands.   

Dining corner with open fireplace as a backrest

Dining corner with open fireplace as a backrest

Furniture construction and interior fit-out is so easy with Palette CAD

The 3D drawing program can do significantly more than simple cupboard configurators or kitchen planners, but it's just as simple to use. Design better and faster, create beautiful presentations and manufacture accurately to size. Do it all with Palette CAD.  

  • Selection

    Upload ready-made or prepared furniture into your design.  Every piece of furniture consists of individual panels for the sides, bases, rear panels and front.  Adapt the dimensions of the furniture to your design with ease.  Assemble freely-designed furniture, such as counters and showcases, from individual panels and components, just as you would in your workshop.  If you wish, you can equip your design with parameters in order to adapt it to a different room configuration for a subsequent order.

    And to make life even simpler, why not use the new cupboard configurator from Palette CAD? With only a few clicks of the mouse you can configure the cupboard to meet your requirements.  

  • Construction and appearance 

    Arrange your furniture with fronts and bases.  You can also easily attach perforated strips, grooves or folds, edges or joints with little effort. Equip your furniture with fittings, drawers and connectors as well as design edges with profiles and edge strips.  Thanks to the extensive libraries, you can create an attractive appearance for your furniture with the appropriate wood texture, with varnishes and paints as well as by adding finishes and veneers and embellishing them with realistic furnishings and decorative objects. 

  • Preparing for manufacturing

    You can export your design data for manufacture to NC machining stations. Palette CAD works together closely with machine controllers and order processing programs and the open interfaces can also be adapted to suit your needs. 

Incidentally, even overall designs incorporating different trades pose no problem for Palette CAD.  Every additional sector catalogue extends your possible applications.

Would you like to learn more about Palette CAD design software for furniture construction and interior fit-outs? Or do you have any general questions? Then feel free to contact us or request our information pack.