CAD design is so easy with the right software.

The quicker and more precisely you can transform ideas into a CAD design, the more orders you can design and install. This is why many details and steps are already “pre-designed” in the Palette CAD software: Functions, such as the automatic insertion of doors and the creation of true-to-size floor plans, can be carried out with a few mouse clicks.  

Precise manufacturing drawings for production.

A precise and true to size manufacturing drawing is a fundamental prerequisite for production. And Palette CAD lets you develop this easily from your customer presentation. With just a few clicks, you can decide which measurements and details are essential for your design. When you begin your design, you start off with a slab or a cuboid and begin to adapt the part to size, to reproduce it and to combine it with other elements.  Frequently used "intelligent“ objects, such as walls, profiles, floors and bases can later be adapted quickly if the design environment is subsequently changed. In fact so quickly, that afterwards you can immediately begin designing for other customers. 

Intelligent objects permit creative latitude

You can work with objects and geometric shapes in 3D with Palette CAD. Select from cuboids, cylinders, free shapes, walls, doors and windows, fireplaces, tiles, chairs and a whole lot more. "Intelligent”, all-round adaptable objects with many automatic functions eliminate inaccuracies and do much of the thinking for you.  This saves you valuable time, eradicates mistakes and permits creative freedom. Design without limits with Palette CAD. And if you need some inspiration, click on our sample plans

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