Palette CAD makes bathroom design and tiled interior design child's play.

Are bathroom design and the interior design of tiled, customised living spaces key elements of your work? Are your customers exacting?  Then Palette CAD design software for bathrooms and tiles is just perfect for you.  

Floor plan for tiling in a bathroom

Floor plan for tiling in a bathroom

Bathroom design using tiles is made easy thanks to Palette CAD.

Palette CAD includes products, materials and tools specially developed for the design requirements of working with bathrooms and tiles, as well as “intelligent,” adaptable objects, for instance, automatic layout plans and variable bases.  Many tile patterns are supplied ready-made or can be adapted to your requirements in a few simple steps.

  • Selecting and positioning

    Specify your room dimensions and draw in the external walls and internal partition walls. Add sanitation items and display objects from the library to your design. 

  • Construction and design

    You can change your layout plan in the design at any moment and respond flexibly to your customer’s wishes.  You can replace tiles, change patterns and angles, adjust the spacing and insert borders, ledges and decorations.  With a huge selection of tiles in the library, you can choose the tiles that have just the right colour and texture.  Or, why not download the tiles you want from the Internet, your photo archive or from a manufacturer's CD right into your design? With current manufacturers' brand-name products, current in vogue colours and a little bit of decoration, you will quickly be able to create gorgeous wellness, fitness and bathroom environments that will inspire your customers.

  • Preparing for manufacturing

    A parts list with detailed information on every aspect of the design is created automatically.  The parts list forms the basis for calculation of the material costs and for the ordering of material. If you wish, you can create an accurately dimensioned layout plan, print out templates or send your design to a water jet cutter. Incidentally, even overall designs incorporating different trades pose no problem for Palette CAD.  Every additional sector catalogue extends your possible applications.

Would you like to learn more about Palette CAD design software for bathrooms and tiles? Or do you have any general questions? Then feel free to contact us or request our information pack.